3 Best Twitch Chat Overlays – How to Get The Best Chat Overlay in 2022

Last Updated on March 6, 2022

Every streamer knows how important chatting is during their live streams. It keeps them connected to their audience and makes the viewers feel engaged. If you won’t be chatting during a live stream the viewers would get bored and leave the stream.

Not only that, but chatting with your viewers makes them feel that they are part of your community and are recognized by you. However, chatting during a live stream can be a bit difficult if you’re playing a game. This is when Chat Overlays come to help and make chatting convenient for you.

Before adding a chat overlay there are many things you should know about. Choosing the wrong chat overlay can make it worse. Therefore, we will help you get the best chat overlay for your Twitch stream and give you options so you can select which would suit your channel the most.

Best Chat Overlays for Twitch

Now that you know the factors you should look at before choosing the overlay it would get easier for you to choose the right chat overlay. We have gathered some of the best chat overlays for you to use.

1. Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die is one of the top brand for chat overlays. It has a lot to offer you and works best with your Twitch channel.

Nerd or Die offers animated, static and animated overlays for you to use for chat. There are 40 plus free templates for your overlays. Choose what would suit you the best and use it.

Not only that, you can customize your templates on their website. It able you to use the template in any way you want.

2. Placeit

Not only Twitch, but Placeit works perfectly with other streaming platforms as well. They also offer static, animated and webcam overlays.

Placeit also offers freedom for you to purchase your tools and apply them for your chat overlays. Make your chat overlays better and easy for you to use. Placeit fits perfectly while you stream from your Twitch channel.

3. Own3d

Own3d is the leading business in chat overlays. They not only offer chat overlays but additional tools to make our Twitch channel attractive and complete it. They offer the most affordable products and tools.

If you have a higher budget, you can get your own specially designed chat overlay for your Twitch channel. Due to increasing popularity, Own3d is now accessible to many people. However, there are only limited features for you to use for free.

How Do You Display Twitch Chat On Your Channel?

Before choosing the overlay, it is essential to understand how you chat so you can choose the best overlay compatible to your requirements. The right overlay should make chatting easier for you.

There are many ways streamers chat on Twitch. Mentioned below are some of the ways streamers chat, how do you?


Some streamers split the screen and chat to their audience. It is one of the simplest way and doesn’t require any additional software or equipment to use.

All you need to do is stream and view the chat in same screen but different windows.

2. Using Text to Voice Option

This may seem as an advanced option but there are many people who type things that are illogical and shouldn’t be said. Therefore, it may distract you streaming and cause you to slow down while you are playing and streaming it online.

3. Use A Different System To Chat

Some streamers use a backup PC to chat. However, it may get a bit difficult for you to stream and use another system to chat.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Chat Overlay

1 – Compatibility

Compatibility is first thing a streamer should consider when it involves installing a software. If the chat overlay software is compatible with your channel it would enhance your chatting experience.

2.Genuine Software

As there are many chat overlays available you should choose the one which is genuine and an original one. You are an original streamer so you would want the chat overlay to look genuine and reflect your originality.


Don’t worry, there are many chat overlay software available which are free and only charges you once your channel has grown enough that you can afford it. It can also be great way to check the overlay and it is convenient for you to use.

You wouldn’t want to pay a hefty amount and the software doesn’t help you much. Therefore, check the affordability and the plans you want to choose from.

Final Words

This is the complete guide for you to choose the best chat overlay for your Twitch channel. Carefully, choose the overlay you want. However, chat overlay would make chatting a lot easier and interactive for you to use as the appearance would be better than the original Twitch chat box.

After you choose the chat overlay you want, make sure to install it safely. The provider you are going to select may provide you with a guide to how in incorporate in in your Twitch channel.