How To Add Twitch Chat to OBS Studio – 2022 Easy Guide

Last Updated on March 6, 2022

If you stream using OBS studio platform but want to view your Twitch chat at the same time. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. OBS studio is a streaming platform just like Twitch but every streamer has their subscribers at Twitch.

So interacting with subscribers and viewers is done through Twitch. Many streamers find it difficult to use OBS studio and view their chats at Twitch at the same time.

Integration between the platforms is done and is very easy to carry out. We will take you through each step so it would be easier for you to conveniently stream and chat.

Not only Twitch but chat boxes of other streaming platforms can also be added. However, we are going to start with how to add a native Twitch chat box.

How to Add a Twitch Chat to Your OBS Stream

There may be other ways to integrate both the platforms but we are going to take you through the simplest and the most effective one. You don’t have to download an excess file to complete this process. All it takes is a complete understanding so you can easily integrate the chat to an OBS studio.

Make sure to carefully read every step to understand it.

Step 1: Generate Your Twitch Chat Box URL

This is the simplest part of the process. All you need to do is generate the URL of your Twitch chat. If you don’t know how to do that we will navigate you through it.

Login to your Twitch account and open the stream manager from the dashboard. Once you have the stream manager in front of you, go to the chat box and click the settings COG.

Click the pop out chat option and the chat box would open. At the bottom of the chat box there would be a settings icon. Open that and you would be able to copy the URL of your chat.

Step 2: Create a Browser on OBS from the Copied Twitch Chat URL

This step is the most important part of this process as it integrates both the platforms together. Any mistake in this step would lead to failure of this entire process. Therefore, follow each part carefully.

Open the OBS studio and go to the Top Bar on the screen. Select View and then go to the Docks. After Docks, create a custom browser dock would be the option you have to click on.

You will be given an option to name your custom dock. You can name what you find suitable, but we would recommend you to name it as Twitch Chat Box. It would be easier for you to identify the chat box the next time you login to the OBS studio.

Next to the name bar, copy the URL and click at Apply. After this the chat won’t appear directly. In this step you have only docked a Twitch chat browser, the next step will let you dock the chat box on OBS studio account.

Step 3: Dock the Chat Box in OBS Studio

This is final step of the process. All you have to do is dock the twitch chat box on OBS studio. Click and drag the saved dock on OBS section of the site. This would integrate your Twitch chat box on the OBS studio.

Now chatting on Twitch and streaming from OBS studio would become easier or you. Stay connected to your viewers all the time and get their feedback.

Why Streamers Prefer OBS Studio Over Twitch?

Twitch is a popular platform and widely used by streamers from around the world. But still some streamers have their channels on Twitch but use OBS for streaming.

OBS helps you with plugins, other effects and support. Twitch also lets you do that but not at the level that OBS studio lets you.

OBS studio is specifically designed to make streaming easier and convenient for streamers. It is more user friendly and easy to use. It has also included a donation option that makes it easier and doesn’t need streamers to download additional software.

Can You Add Other Chat Box To An OBS Studio Account?

Yes, not only Twitch chat but other chat box for different streaming platforms can also be added to your OBS studio. This is why OBS is user friendly and used by many streamers globally. All you need to do is learn how to install your chat box of the platform you want to your OBS studio account.

The chat box you can add to OBS studio are mentioned below:

  • Twitch Chat
  • Kapchat Chat Box
  • Streamlabs Chat

However, integrating other chat to OBS is a bit different than Twitch.

This is the complete guide to add your Twitch chat to your OBS studio. Understand and follow each step to conveniently add Twitch chat. Now it has become easier for you to chat at from Twitch and stream at the same time.

Just make sure you copy the URL properly and add it your browser dock and save it.