3 Best Subathon Ideas – How To Setup A PERFECT Subathon (2022)

Last Updated on March 6, 2022

With growing streaming and gaming influencers, the industry is growing rapidly each day. Gamers love to stream and now is a platform for all the streamers to come and engage with gamers from all around the world. Tricks, tip and ideas about new games are shared to improve engagement and is fun for many.

One of the best engagement idea that is now a trend is Subathon. It has started a new wave of fun and excitement for the subscribers. It is the best way to create a bond with your subscribers and make them attached to your channel.

What Is Subathon?

Subathon is known as subscriber marathon. Streamers hosts a subathon to engage their subscribers into new challenges. This is a good way to see the level of engaging subscriber a streamer has and helps form a community from his subscribers.

How To Set Up A Subathon?

A subathon naturally doesn’t have any time limit and are for 24 hours. However, a streamer can set up a time limit so many subscribers can join within a time frame.

Setting up a Subathon is easy but before going live it would be recommended to create a full plan and roadmap of the activities and challenges you are going to introduce. As the marathon is going to run for many hours you would new activities to keep the participants engaged throughout.

For new subscribers you would want to extend the time limit a bit for few seconds. The length of the stream should depend on the number of audience you have.

They main component that makes your Subathon is creating awareness about it. If the subscribers wouldn’t know about the Marathon how would they show up and engage.

Make sure to start announcement 10 days before the Subathon and the gifts and rewards they may receive if they participate. Try to inform all your subscribers and followers through every social media platform. You can also collaborate with other popular streamers and announce your Subathon from their channel as well to bring in new subscribers.

Best Subathon Ideas

Subathon is now one of the top trend on the twitch streaming platform. It helps a streamer motivate and encourage new viewers to subscriber their channel and increase their community.

Each channel has different types of subscribers. Therefore, it is better to know your audience and what type of content would engage them more towards your Marathon. Once you know, it would become easier for you to create challenges and reward the participants.

There are some ideas that would help you start a better and interactive Subathon:

1. Different Video Games

A marathon runs for around 24 hours so running out of ideas can be a possibility. When something like this happens it is advisable to start streaming new games and ask the viewers to join you there. You can try video games such as GTA V, Fortnite and many others.

Interacting with your viewers through these games would become easier and helps you communicate to them. New subscribers can also get a chance to play with you and this motivate them more to subscribe to your channel and be a part of your community.

2. Introduce Rewards

Introducing unique rewards would play an important role in encouraging the viewers stay connected to your stream. This is one of the easiest way to attract viewers to your marathon. The rewards can be in any form you like you be appropriate for your viewers and they help you achieve your goal.

3. New Challenges

Carrying new challenges are essential to entertain the viewers and make sure that they are connected to your stream. Many streams carry out food challenges and try new things.

In recent trends spicy food challenges or eating peppers is popular. Not only streams but many content creators are trying to entertain their viewers using these challenges.

How To Make Your Subathon A Success

A Subathon streams for many hours and you have plenty of time to enjoy and connect with your viewers. Keep in mind to introduce interactive content and new things that would help a lot for new viewers to stay connected.

The success of a Subathon can also be analyzed by the number of new subscriber you get after the marathon. However, it can only be assumed that the new subscribers were there in your Subathon.

Subathon is a perfect way to increase your subscriber’s community and grow your channel. Work hard and be creative in your Subathon. With time new ideas are introduced so make sure to be innovative in every new Subathon you carry out.

Final Words

This is all the important things to know about Subathon. Make sure to understand each point as it would help you improve your Subathon and gather a larger audience.

The more interactive you are the more subscribers will join your Subathon. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to grown your streaming channel and introducing your content to new people and make them be a part of your community.