Is There A Way To Check How Long I’ve Been Following Someone?

Last Updated on March 31, 2022

If you have a twitch account and have been using twitch account for a long time, you may have a lot of followers. Certainly, every streamer wants to have a lot of viewers and want to be active in the social community by using twitch account.

By using your twitch account, you might be having a good time. Twitch is the best platform which is gaining an exceptional fame these days. The main reason behind this is that this platform is hub where all streamers can get connected and watch a lot of videos. The streamers can not only post their videos, stream them online but can also watch other streamers while streaming their online videos.

Twitch is one of the huge streams platforms. This is just like a social hub for all those fun-lovers who want to have a large social circle online. Earning more money is the prime purpose of everyone these days. But what if you earn money while enjoying your work? Yes, this is now possible with twitch. With twitch, you can not only enjoy making videos but also you can earn as more as you can by raising your viewership on twitch.

If you have been using twitch for a long time, you might be interested to keep vigilance of your activities or on some other streamers’ activities. This seems interesting if you really are interested in knowing the duration of your loyalty for some streamer.

But have you ever thought of checking the duration of following some streamer on twitch? Have you examined before the time and date on which you started following some streamer? This is something amazing and unique while using twitch account. If yes, you can scroll down this article and find the information regarding this factor, this might be of great help for you.

Is There A Way To Check How Long I’ve Been Following Someone?

In the midst of rat-run life and the race of earning more than others, twitch provides a fun making opportunity.

Have you ever wondered regarding your activities on twitch? If no, it is the time to think about this. You will be excited to know the level of your dedication toward twitch streaming. You can notice that level via knowing the duration of your viewership or the time for which you have been following some other streamer on twitch.

How to see how long you have a followed a channel on Twitch?

If you are interested to know the duration of your fellowship to any other streamer, here are the details that you should look for. Here are a few steps that you can follow to know the duration for which you have been following a twitch account:

  • Open a browser or platform that is most convenient for you to use. We recommend you should use desktop for running these steps. Because it will be easier for you to switch between the windows while calculating the time for which you have been following
  • Now, check for the twitch center follow. A new browser will open which will show you the duration for which you have following a channel on twitch.
  • Type your username, and press enter. Then you will be able to know the duration for which you have been following a twitch account.
  • If you want to customize your search by also knowing the channel that you have been following for a certain time, you can type channel in the channel tab.

These are the few steps that you can follow for knowing the time and duration that you been spending in following someone else’ twitch account. You simply have to change the username, if you want to know the duration for the same factor for someone else. By following these steps, you will be able to estimate the exact time when you started following someone on twitch account.

The ultimate purpose of using twitch platform is to entertain yourself. Of course, when you are looking for entertainment, you search for every possible activity that you can do for entertaining yourself. If you like videos of some other streamer, you may start following that streamer. You might be curious to know the time and duration when you started following that streamer on twitch. If these are your concerns, you might have found your answers after reading this article.

Keeping in view all the amazing features of twitch streaming, you might need to know regarding the duration of following some streamer on twitch. You can get help from this article regarding this confusion.

We hope that in this article, we have answered all your queries regarding twitch account following. After reading the steps that we have mentioned above, you will have got the idea through which you can easily know the duration and the time since when you had been following a streamer. Even you can customize the steps a bit, to know the same thing for some other streamer.