Sykkuno Gaming Setup And Computer Gear (2022 Update)

Sykkuno has gone from a small-time streamer who collaborated with other streamers, to a Twitch sensation! His following has substantially increased during 2020, taking him up as one of the top 30 streamers on the platform currently. From being the shyest guy in the group, to getting dazzling his opposition in Valorant, Sykkuno’s entry to … Read more

TOMMYINNIT Gaming Setup And Computer Gear (2022)

Tommyinnit is a Minecraft legend, he has been there playing Minecraft ever since it came out and has garnered a massive fanbase through it. The 16-year-old has been absolutely killing it on YouTube and Twitch, and has played with some of the biggest names in the streaming community. Streamers and content creators such as Ninja, … Read more

CLIX Gaming Setup And Gear (2022)

Clix is the epitome of Fortnite gamers that you can find on Twitch. Representing the amazing Organization NRG, Clix has found himself as one of those revolutionary players whose life got turned upside down with the release of Fortnite. He plays Fortnite both professionally in a competitive environment, and in his extremely popular streams. An … Read more

SIMPLE Gaming Setup And Gear (2022)

Simple is by far the most celebrated Counter Strike Global Offensive players to date. He is the Sumail of CSGO, and has been dominating the world with his killing potential in the game. He has over eight international wins under his belt. He has also won the player of the year award from multiple sources … Read more

TSM OPS1X Gaming Setup and Gear (2022 Update)

Ops1x is one of the most popular names in the Fortnite scene. With his recent partnership with TSM, his community and fame has only gone higher than ever before. So obviously, an incredibly popular streamer signed by the amazing organization TSM definitely has to be fully equipped with some of the best gaming and streaming … Read more

How to Make Custom Twitch Emotes (2022)

Twitch is a platform that depends heavily on viewer interaction. A streamer is nothing without their Twitch chat being as active as possible, and there are hundreds of ways that Twitch chat can remain active. Whether it is through credits that you receive for watching a streamer, or through talking to them in chat. But … Read more

5 Best Twitch Sub Badge Makers (Free & Premium)

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