MonkaS Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin (2022)

MonkaS is a Twtich emote used in high preasure situations during a game to express anxiety. This emote features the character of Pepe the Frog, looking anxious and sweating.

Twitch has a tendency to react overwhelmingly towards fresh new internet memes and characters. One of such characters that has taken the world of Twitch.TV by storm is Pepe the Frog.

Pepe the Frog has been featured in a PLETHORA of Twitch emotes, most notably the Poggers emote. Pepe the Frog family of emotes has been growing more and more.

Though the progress has halted somewhat, MonkaS emote has gained TONS of popularity and has remained one of the most commonly used emotes in recent memory.

So what does this iconic comic strip emote mean you wonder? Well, we’re here to find out. This article explains the meaning and use, origin of this emote as well as giving you relevant information in the form of facts all about it.

What does the MonkaS emote mean on Twitch?

Just like most of the other emotes on twitch, MonkaS’ use is hard to define.

It is a picture of Pepe the Frog profusely sweating with an expression of fear or nervousness. This emote means many things, but mainly it is used to express fear and nervousness during high tension moments in a video game stream. MonkaS is used to signify an extreme tension or anxiety for what chat is seeing on screen.

MonkaS main use is to express anxiety, but also in troll forms it can be used as a sarcastic way to express awkwardness. This awkwardness can be at times when a streamer says something inappropriate or during awkward silence in streams where there’s more than one person.

MonkaS is pronounced as “Monka-Ess”, signifying that the S is a separate entity of itself. It was called the name MonkaS by the community because it was originally popularized by a person named MonkaSenpai during Nymn’s streams. That said, the origin of MonkaS goes way back to 2011. 

There are many variants of MonkaS, such as: MonkaW, MonkaGIGA, MonkaOMEGA, MonkaThink, MonkaEyes, MonkaHmm, MonkaH. 

MonkaW looks just like MonkaS but with a more zoomed in version, where the focus is completely on Pepe’s eyes to showcase the anxiety. 

MonkaGIGA is the same as MonkaS but with the eyes widened even more.

What is the origin of the MonkaS Twitch emote?

MonkaS was created in 2005 by Matt Furie in his illustration book Boys Club. Its earliest traces on the internet can be found on a 4chan (A website just like Reddit) thread. It was also used by a twitch viewer named MonkaSenpai on Nymn’s twitch streams; this is where it got its infamous MonkaS name.

The popularity for MonkaS began way later; when it was uploaded to the twitch extension library known as Franker FaceZ. MonkaS was added there along with Pepe Hands and this is where the true surge of popularity for MonkaS began. It was submitted to r/forsen, a popular streamers’ sub-reddit and it gained so much popularity that it became an internet sensation overnight. 

MonkaS Facts

  • MonkaS is currently one of the most commonly used emotes on Twitch streams, Along with Poggers and Pogchamp.
  • One of the few words in the Twitch lingo that is sometimes used by people in their daily lives.
  • MonkaS’s popularity is so high that it is enabled by almost every streamer on the platform.
  • MonkaS was spammed so much by chats all around Twitch.TV that streamers would often ask the chat to stop spam it.
  • There were a lot of memes regarding the overuse of MonkaS in chat; subreddits like the r/forsen subreddit were full of them in 2018.
  • Despite other claims, there are enough variants of MonkaS on the platform that it is one of the most used emotes on the platform. Variants such as MonkaHMMMM and MonkaW being number 77 and number 21 on the top 100 Franker Facez emotes list.


Now that you know what the MonkaS emote means and how it came to be so popular on Twitch. Make sure to check out more content from us as we keep you up to date on all kinds of Twitch lingo!  

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