Poggers Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin ([year])

Poggers is a Twitch emote that is used to show an expression of celebration or excitement

Poggers is a part of the ever growing family of Pepe the Frog emotes that had taken over Twitch in the mid and late 2017 era of streaming. 

Poggers is one of THE most popular Twitch emotes to date and is one of those emotes that even people who aren’t avid Twitch viewers are familiar with it because of its popularity, the emote took over not just twitch, but all over the internet, it spread around to the very depths and surfaces of Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, Tumblr and even Facebook meme pages were creating memes based on Pepe the Frog’s Poggers face.

So what does Poggers mean? Where did the word Poggers come from and how did it come to be? What are some facts about it? Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Released: 2017

poggers twitch emote

What does the Poggers emote mean on Twitch?

When someone uses the Poggers emote in a Twitch chat that means that they are using it as an expression of celebration or excitement. Poggers is almost always used to express the audiences’ hype over a great play that their favorite streamer is doing or just celebrating good news that the streamer tells them, or it can just be used to portray a joyful surprise over something that is either of the afore mentioned.

For example; you can use the POGGERS emote when MoistCr1tikal pulls off a very spicy, 300 IQ play in Among Us leaving the crewmates baffled and making him win the game. 

If any of your favorite streamers do a great play, spam the chat with the Poggers emote to show them some hype over how great of a play they have made!

What is the origin of the Poggers Twitch emote?

When it comes to the origins of the emoticon; Poggers, there is almost little to no information on how it was actually created in the first place. This does leave a lot of the Twitch fan base frustrated and unfortunately there are no proper origin stories for this emote. 

However, there is a theory that Poggers is actually just the Pogchamp emote but artistically changed into the style of Pepe the Frog to suit the theme of a plethora of Pepe the Frog emoticons running around on Twitch and Reddit for months without an end, this is a very possible theory as there are a bunch of similarities between the two emotes, they are also used in tandem a lot of the time, with people switching between Poggers and Pogchamp to hype up their favorite streamers, even the name has the same first three letters showing the amount of similarity that these two emotes have. They also serve the same function that is to hype up a cool play or celebrate some great news or actions by their favorite streamers.

Other than that very plausible explanation; all that is known about the emote is that it was posted on FrankerFaceZ in 2017 and that it was extremely famous on League of Legends streams and communities which were the main reason why it went on to be so popular as the league community is possibly the biggest on Twitch.

Poggers Facts

  • In 2018’s July, a twitter user by the handle @cawayee, made a post about a man replying with “Poggers” to a nude she sent to him, this started a meme where people would use Poggers outside of Twitch in situations where it doesn’t fit.
  • Urban Dictionary officially got a definition of the term in 2018 as well, thanks to user Seltz.
  • There are actually a couple of variations of the term Poggers, for example; Woggers, Omegapoggers and COGGERS.
  • In October 2020, a research upon the term found out that the Poggers emoticon has been used by over 160,000 Twitch channels so far.

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