5HEAD Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin (2022)

what does the 5HEAD emote mean? What is the story behind this emote that evolved from the 4Head emote, and what context is it used in? Not to forget some facts and trivia about it.

In this article, you’d find all the answers to those questions!

5head twitch emotes

5HEAD is one of the most used emotes when it comes to the Twitch community overall.

The emote features a picture of Cadburry a popular League of Legends streamer whose previous 4Head emote had blown up on twitch.

4Head was used to showcase someone being a big brain player or a high IQ player in twitch terms, usually this was used after someone did something super smart or made a really cool play that was more their brains instead of their mechanical aim or gameplay. 4Head one is an old emote however, 5Head is a different variation of that same emote and was released in 2018.

Released: 2018

What does 5Head mean on Twitch?

5Head is a variant of the very popular emote 4Head. 5Head can be used in two ways that are completely opposite of each other and can be a question of confusion. 

5Head means someone has a big brain, this emote is either used to react to:

  1. Extremely smart gameplay, such as someone outplaying their opponents in a game of Rainbow Six Siege by discovering a brand new angle.
  2. It can also be used in the opposite sense; which is mocking someone for doing a misplay or a bad play by calling them “intelligent” as a form of mockery.

For example; you can use the emote 5Head when your favorite streamer tries to do a headstand in CSGO to go higher than everyone in the map to get a tactical advantage but gets AWPed in the face and embarrassed.

So the next time your favorite streamer flashes themselves while trying to push the opponents, let them know by using the 5Head emote to your heart’s very desire in their stream chat!

What is the origin of 5Head?

The 4Head emote was added to Twitch.TV originally when emotes as a feature were being added to Twitch. Cadburry submitted his face for the emote and from there on they added his face into the Twitch emotes sometime around in 2013 with a lot of other emotes to start it off. 4head became very frequently used, sometime around in 2018; the 5Head emote was added to the FrankerFaceZ (Emote compatibility extension) by SublimedTV. The emote gained popularity from there onwards.

5Head found its best audience in the stream chats of the extremely popular streamer xQc. XQc’s chat used the 5Head emote very frequently and to be precise the chat used this emote when a particular friend of xQc named m0xxy would ever make a play. This emote was usually referenced to m0xxy and their plays to often mock them for their weird game sense. This brought in a ton of funny moments for xQc’s chat overall in terms of content.

5Head was also used a lot in League of Legend streams. When 5Head came out there were a lot of new players that were getting into League of Legends and they would get thrashed quite often by pro players, which would lead them to be mocked by their chat a lot.

5Head Facts

  • The wine emote is extremely commonly used with the 5Head emote, this is done to imitate someone highly intelligent that is sipping on wine and then making great points or plays, like in the olden days of chess.
  • Research till 10/12/2019, indicated that 5Head was actually one of the most popular Twitch emotes, it was number 28th from the list of all the Twitch emotes that have been used on the platform for so long.
  • Cadburry, the face behind the emotes real name is still unknown to the masses.

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