18 Best Streaming Room Background Ideas for Twitch

Last Updated on March 5, 2022

Room Backgrounds for Twitch – 18 Best Ideas in 2022

If you are a new streamer one thing you may have noticed about other popular streamer would be their streaming room. During streams background plays an important role.

You may get good camera, microphone or a gaming keyboard but the background is what every viewers notices, and it should be visually appealing for them

The room background also reflects on your personality and shows how passionate streamer you are. Many popular streamers usually dedicate a separate room in their homes to streaming and gaming. You could do that and decorate it as you want.

However, we want to share some of the popular room background ideas with you. These ideas will help decide the perfect background for your room and what would suit you.

Top Streaming Room Background Ideas

Here is our list of the best room background ideas for streamers:

  • LED Strip Lights

This is one of the most common way to decorate a room for twitch streaming. It is a basic option and doesn’t require much work from your side. All you need to do is get some dark color LED strips and line them up with the borders of your room.

  • Green Screen

Many smart streamers use green screens as their background and with the help of VFX they change the background every day. This is a clever idea and confuses viewers as well.

  • Furniture

You can a get a shelf or a furniture that would easily attach to your background wall. There you can place some of the valuables you have collected or any figures you have. This would reflect on your personality and your passion for collecting items.

  • Neon Boards

You can also get a custom neon sign board with a message you want. You can even get your name in the sign and attach it right in your background for the streamers to see. By this new viewer can also easily understand and remember your name by continuously looking at the neon board behind you.

  • Get A Mannequin

Get a mannequin and dress it as a war hero or as your favorite avatar. It would look so cool in your background, standing right behind you as if it has your back covered. With time you can change the costume of the mannequin as well.

  • Plants

If you like gardening, you can even put some pots with unique plants in your background shelf. You can even get pots of different characters, but a Groot pot would be the best.

  • Wallpaper

Get a wallpaper done to your entire room of your favorite hero or gaming character. Then you can attach other decorations as well. A wallpaper is a long lasting and reliable solution.

  • Smart Lights

There are smart lights available which display lighting affects by the sound. So if you are streaming a combat game then using these light would be perfect.

  • Woodsam Writing Board

The Woodsam board is a perfect solution to display unique message and your creativity. With the board comes neon pencils and markers which you can use and would display perfectly in the dark while you stream.

  • Figurines

Display the figurines you have in your background.

  • Gaming Signs

To show your love towards gaming get gaming signs and hang them in your background. Neon gaming sign would be perfect as many streamers go live with the dark lighting in the background.

  • Keep Everything Arranged

Having a messy background wouldn’t give a positive reflection of your personality. Therefore, keep everything arranged and organized.

  • Get Backup Gaming Pcs

A backup pc is something every professional gamer has. What you can do is place that pc in your background and switch it on before you go live. This would make the viewers think that you have a gaming station at your place.

  • Art Pieces

If you are an artist and want to show your skills to the viewers. What could be a better way to hang them in your background.

  • Colorful Patterns

Get some unique colorful patterns made and you can use them in your streaming room background. The pattern can be anything a mandala or anything that you would like.

  • Tapestry

Many people love hanging tapestry in their room. It helps soothes their mood and it can also be visually appealing for your viewers.

  • Vinyl Record

Using vinyl records to decorate your background would be classy approach. Vinyl records were once a huge trend in previous times and are perfect for decoration. You can also get a vinyl record player and place it in the background.

  • Fairy Lights

LED lights are mostly used for dark lighting effects. But fairy lights can be used to give your room a bright lighting. Lighting can have a lot of effect on your viewer’s mood, therefore, choosing the best, pleasant lighting.

Final Words

These were the top 18 ideas for your room background for streaming. Now you have a vast range of options. Choose what you think would suit you and your room the best and should be pleasant for the viewers to look at as well.