How Do You Setup Nightbot Song Requests on Twitch?

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

Are you someone that likes having a little background music while you are streaming? After all, it can engage your viewers more as they have the freedom to select a song of their choice. Such a method is not new, and many streamers use it to enhance the watch time of their stream.

So, if you are looking to use Nightbot to set up some background music, you have come to the right place.

Here is a complete guide on the setup of your Nightbot song requests to make the most out of your streaming channel.

How Do You Setup Nightbot Song Requests?

The first thing you need to do is go to Nighbot and make an account, so you can begin using their features. You can also sign in with your YouTube or Twitch account if you don’t want to create a new one. Once you have logged in, you will have to ensure that Nightbot has permission to the stream so it can execute song request commands.

After that, you will see the Nightbot dashboard on your screen. On this dashboard, you have the option to join a channel. You must click on this option to attach Nightbot to the streaming channel in seconds.

Once that is done, you can add Mod Night by typing /mod nightbot in the chat. Finally, once you are at the Nightbot dashboard, you must opt for song requests and the AutoDJ. The AutoDJ’s top bar will offer you the option to enable. Be sure to select this option to enable the stream and the command.

After that, your chat will have the option of adding new song requests to your queue. If you want to witness the queue, you can open Nightbot on the browser, and you’ll see it in no time. Remember that if the queue is empty and no one adds songs, the software will add default songs from various platforms through its default settings.

How Do You Control Nightbot Song Queue?

If you are opting for Nightbot sing requests, you will need some control over your song queue and other things so you can guide how your stream goes. That is why there will be many times when you will want to remove or skip a song from the Nightbot queue. You can go to the AutoDJ option if you want to do that.

Once you are there, you can remove a song from the queue by selecting the trash icon. On the other hand, if you want to bump the song higher up in the queue, you can always hit the grey arrow button that goes up. That is how easy it is to create a Nghtbot queue of your choice so you can control your streaming music in some manner.

How Can You Add Songs To The Nightbot Queue From Chat?

Many times, your chat will want to add a song to your Nightbot queue. That can only happen if they type a command inside the chat. Remember that the default command in Nightbot to do this is: !songrequest [name of song or URL from YouTube].

Once you fill in the command with the song you like, it will add the song to the queue. Nightbot song request is easy to maneuver when you know what you are doing. That is why it is crucial to follow these steps if you want more control over your song and streamings.

Can You Play Music From YouTube On Your Stream?

While Nightbot song request is the popular option, many people wonder if they can also play music from YouTube on their stream. Remember that you are not allowed to play copyright music from YouTube on the Twitch streaming channel. That is because you can get a DMCA or a copyright strike which can harm your channel.

However, small streamers can surpass this issue because their visibility is not that high. But, of course, eventually, even they receive a strike once they become more popular. That is why if you want to play copyright music on your Twitch channel, you must do it at your own risk, as you can end up with your channel getting banned by the platform.

How To Get Copyright-Free Music To Add To Streams

You don’t have to rely on Nightbot or copyright music to add it to your Twitch streaming channels. There are many options that offer you copyright music that you can take advantage of. These include platforms such as Epidemic Sound, Streambeats, Soundtrack by Twitch, and much more.

Of course, the platform you select will depend on your preferences and what is most accessible to you. These are some of the best alternatives if you don’t want to add copyright music to your channel. So, begin exploring and find the best music, be it from Nightbot or other platforms.

Once you do, your audience will love the new addition, and you will too. In the long run, it will enhance your visibility and popularity as your watch time increases and more people are tuned into your stream.