Can’t Change Discord Avatar – 6 Best Solutions And Guide

Last Updated on March 2, 2022

Discord is a famous streaming platform that offers you access to various features and servers. It also provides you with filters for an excellent user experience on the platform. However, the app can also cause you some issues.

For instance, you may face issues when changing your Discord avatar. The app prevents you from putting up a new photo sometimes. Of course, you should note that this happens in specific cases only.

If you can’t change your Discord avatar and are looking for a solution guide, your search ends now. Here is what you need to know about it:

Why Is Discord Not Letting Me Change My Avatar?

Here are the top reasons why Discord may not let you change your avatar:

1. Changing Avatar Too Soon or Too Fast

The primary reason Discord may not let you change your avatar is because you have done it too many times. This platform does not limit the number of times you can change the picture. However, it does have time restrictions to avoid server issues.

Typically, the platform allows you to change your Discord avatar twice within a few minutes. After that, the app rate limits you and may prevent you from making a third change very soon. For instance, you cannot change your Discord avatar thrice within one minute.

The top reason why the app limits your time is that the picture is changed across your complete ID. It is also altered on the server of your friends. If you continuously change your avatars, it can cause your Discord server to crash.

2. Bug In The Change Avatar Feature

Another reason why Discord may prevent you from changing your Avatar is a bug within the feature. However, this rarely happens, and the developer fixes the issue promptly.

Moreover, you will be notified if you try to change the picture too many times in a few minutes. So you can easily know whether the issue is occurring because of a bug or time restrictions.

How Ca You Bypass The “You Are Changing Your Avatar Too Fast” Discord Error?

Here are the top solutions that will help you when you can’t change your Discord avatar:

1. Wait

The best thing that will help you when changing your Discord avatar is waiting. This will allow you to bypass the time restrictions set by the platform. For instance, if you change your Discord avatar thrice in a minute, wait before making another change.

Typically, you should wait at least 15 to 30 minutes. If the issue does not resolve, you should give the platform another hour. After that, you can easily change your Discord avatar.

2. Think Before Changing

One of the top reasons people change avatars too fast is that they no longer like the picture. This is why you should think about your image before uploading it. Besides that, ensure to complete all the edits and then change the avatar.

For instance, you may have planned to crop the picture but forgot to do it. So it is advisable to make a to-do list when putting up a new avatar. Then, change the image once you are entirely satisfied with it. This will eliminate the need to use another avatar too soon.

3. Restart The System

Typically, Discord allows you to change your avatar after a few minutes have passed since the last update. This is why you never have to wait a lot to make another change. Of course, sometimes, the issue can persist and prevent you from putting another Discord avatar.

If the issue does go away after an hour, be sure to restart your system. For instance, reboot your phone if you were using the Discord app. Sometimes a glitch can occur after the avatar change. So a restart can help you refresh the profile.

4. Disable The Firewall

Did you try to change the Discord avatar while OneDrive was enabled on your device? If so, you should disable the other platform. This will allow you to upload the new picture without issues.

Similarly, you should use this method with all other Firewall types. Discord is not compatible with many of them, so you can suffer a glitch. If disabling does not work, you should try uninstalling the other service.

5. Remove Your Bot

An active bot on Discord can also prevent you from changing your avatar. This is why you must visit the user settings and remove the bot. After that, wait a few minutes for the change to occur across all servers.

Once a few minutes have passed, try changing your Discord avatar again. Typically, the issue will be resolved after this. If not, you should try the sixth and final step.

6. Uninstall Discord

If you are using the Discord app, but the “too fast” notification is not disappearing, uninstall the application. This is because a glitch may be preventing you.

The issue can also happen on computers and laptops. Reinstalling the app will refresh your profile and remove any errors occurring before.

Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about the solutions for changing your Discord avatar without issues. If none of these steps work, you must contact customer support. The operative will identify the problem and update you with a solution.