widepeepoHappy Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin ([year])

widepeepoHappy is a Twtich emote used to express immense happiness. This emote goes a step further from peepoHappy, featuring the image of Pepe The Frog with a very wide smile.

widepeepoHappy Twitch emote meaning

WidePeepoHappy is a variant of the infamous wide Pepe the Frog emotes that have become a staple in the Twitch community. Pepe the Frog is a fictional character, who has become a symbol for the Twitch viewers to do with as they please.

There are a plethora of different emotes regarding Pepe the Frog, there’s Poggers, PepeJam, PepeD, MonkaS. If you don’t know about any of those emotes or Pepe the Frog, make sure to check out our articles that explain the meaning and origins for them as well!

WidePeepoHappy is just another one of these, based on an emote called “PeepoHappy”. This is a giant emote, with a stretched image of Pepe the Frog as he smiles with his mouth open.

So what does WidePeepoHappy mean? What is the appropriate use for this emote and how did it come to be a popular twitch emote? Let us explain.

What does the widepeepoHappy emote mean on Twitch?

To understand the meaning of WidePeepoHappy we must first learn PeepoHappy’s proper meaning. The PeepoHappy emote is a picture of Pepe the Frog with a smile on his face, and his eyes wide open. The PeepoHappy emote is used to express happiness.

The WidePeepoHappy emote is based completely off of the PeepoHappy emote. They are virtually the same emote, even being the same image. However the WidePeepoHappy emote is wider, which indicates that the smile is bigger and the happiness more intense. Cut short; WidePeepoHappy means an intense happiness.

The WidePeepoHappy emote’s true use on Twitch is to express happiness at something that is happening on the stream. This is a widespread emote, being one of the most popular emotes to represent happiness. However there are troll uses of this emote; where people will spam this emote when a streamer fails at doing something. 

What is the origin of the widepeepoHappy Twitch emote?

WidePeepoHappy has a fairly simple origin. There is no specific person that created it, as the “wide” collection of memes is fairly popular on Twitch.TV. The image in the emote is taken from Matt Furie’s comic known as “The Boys Club” which featured Pepe the Frog as a prominent character.

Afterwards the character became a spectacle in the internet “meme” culture, where images are turned into jokes and comedy comics. Pepe the Frog was a huge feature of these and eventually reached the Twitch community and it gave birth to a ton of different emotes.

The PeepoHappy emote’s circulation was bound to be responded with a wide version of it. And so Franker Facez heard the Twitch community’s callings.

The WidePeepoHappy emote was created and added to the Franker Facez extension with a huge library of public twitch emotes in late 2018. And has remained one of the most prominent and heavily used Franker Facez emotes to date.

widepeepoHappy Facts

  • WidePeepoHappy is a series of emotes, where other emotes such as PeepoSad and PeepoGlad have also been created a “wide” variant of.
  • Pepe the Frog has a total of over one hundred emotes on the Twitch.TV platform.
  • As of January 20th 2019, the WidePeepoHappy emote is the 32nd most popular Franker Facez emote.
  • The WidePeepoHappy emote has over 27,097,934 uses at the time of writing this, with the numbers increasing steadily.


Now you know what the WidePeepoHappy emote means and how it came to be so popular on Twitch. Make sure to check out more content from us as we keep you up to date on all kinds of Twitch lingo.

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