pepeJAM Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin ([year])

pepeJAM is a Twitch emote used during streams when a song that the chat likes is played. Viewers would use it to show their appreciation of the song.

PepeJam Twitch emote


The year is [year], and the Pepe the Frog family of emotes on Twitch.TV has become an internet sensation. They are being spammed on every stream, new variants for every single one of these emotes is being made every single day.

More and more streamers are using Pepe as their mascot, and Twitch itself is just reaping the rewards.

PepeJam is an animated variant of an extremely popular Pepe emote called “feelsgoodman” in which Pepe the Frog can be seen smiling. Just like feelsgoodman, PepeJam has Pepe with a big smile upon his face as well as headphones on as he bobs his head in enjoyment.

So what does this emote represent? What does it mean in the vast community of Twitch emotes and WHERE did the PepeJam emote originate from? Let us explain!

pepeJAM Meaning

PepeJam is very clear and simple in its meaning. It is simply used during streams when a song that the chat likes is played. 

Most often used before the actual stream starts, with the background music to a streamer’s “about to start” overlay.

This emote is not very versatile, as it can only be used to convey feelings related to music that is being played on stream, and fails to work in any other context. It is extremely simple and precise in its use, although this isn’t the only use for the obscure PepeJam emote.

Just like every other emote on twitch, this emote can also be used sarcastically. This is especially prevalent on Twitch streams of LilyPichu (A popular twitch figure) when she streams with her boyfriend Michael Reaves. They create very weird noisy music often times with Michael Reaves screaming loudly into the microphone.

PepeJam is a very funny emote in terms of sarcasm, but its situational usage makes it much less used than many other emotes. However it is a favorite of music streams throughout the platform. 

Simply put: PepeJam is made to react to music.

pepeJAM Origin

The original creation of the PepeJam emote is once again a throwback to Matt Furie, the creator and illustrator behind this popular internet sensation. If you’re unaware about Matt Furie, his comic known as “Boys Club” was the birth of Pepe the Frog as a character. However; his books didn’t really amount to much, before the rise of the Pepe character as a meme in 2012 and afterwards.

While the original release date of the animated emote is unknown, however its appearances have mostly been since September 2018.

It is said that this emote was originally created as a sarcastic reaction to bad music, but over time took over as the prime reaction to electronic music and in the current state it is the prime reaction to all kinds of music.

pepeJAM Facts

  • The PepeJam emote was banned by xQc after a ton of spamming by chat. In response, a petition was created by a ton of people to re-enable it back on his stream’s chat.
  • The PepeJam emote has been featured in a music video by ongakuu. The video has reached over 910,000 views since its original creation on May 15th, in 2019.
  • The PepeJam emote is one of the few Twitch emotes that have been added to the DiscordEmoji database.
  • Since 2020 and afterwards, PepeJam is actually losing its reigning supremacy in the music streams because of catJAM, a popular emote which showcases a cat jamming to music.
  • Despite getting thrown out of the top 10 emotes on the platform, PepeJam still sits on the number 30 spot and catJAM is just five spaces above on the number 25th spot.
  • The total times that PepeJam has been used are 65,793,816 times, with a steady daily growth.


Now you know what the PepeJam emote means and how it came to be so popular on Twitch. Make sure to check out more content from us as we keep you up to date on all kinds of Twitch lingo! 

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