Malding Twitch Emote: Meaning, Origin, and Facts

Malding is a combination of two words. You have “mad” on the one hand and “balding” on the other. Together, it means that someone is both mad and balding.

And, when used on Twitch chat, it usually means that someone is so mad that they are starting to go bald.

Malding is one of the most popular terms used by Twitch users. The term is a combination of “balding” and “mad”, and is always used as a slang or meme against balding people who get mad or angry over something.

It originated with variations that combined “bad” and “mad”, terms used for bad gamers that would get angry over their own performance. “Malding”, however, combines one’s increasing anger or madness with their apparent balding.

Many terms are used as a part of the Twitch lingo, and Malding is one of them. It typically jokes that it’s the madness that is causing the balding.

So, without further ado; here are the meanings, origin, and facts of Malding.

What is the meaning of Malding?

Malding is a popular Twitch term that is used to joke about how a mad person is balding. It combines the words “mad” and “balding”. It’s one of the Twitch terms that would be categorized as portmanteau words. Portmanteau words are a combination of two words, and their best example would be “brunch”.

Interestingly, while it’s a part of the Twitch lingo, Urban Dictionary has had it as a word since 2011, which is its possible source of origin too. And people have been searching for the word in search engines since 2004.

What is the origin of Malding?

The term “Malding” on Twitch originated in popular Twitch streamer Forsen and the Forsenboys community.

In 2019, Forsen displayed some of the ‘mad’ aspects of the term while struggling at a video-game during his stream, and his chat found itself spammed “so bad, so mad” and “so bald, so mad”. With enough time, the term evolved itself into its current manifestation; “so bald, so mald”. ‘Mald’ and “Malding” were thus popularized on Twitch.

The actual origin of the term is still unknown, but it’s known that people have been searching for it since 2014, and it became a part of Urban Dictionary in 2011.

Madling Facts

  • It gained popularity on Twitch after popular streamer Forsen’s display of anger towards a game that he struggled at. People spammed “so bad, so mad”, and some blended in the streamer’s balding by making it “so bald, so mad”, which eventually resulted in the use of “Malding” as a term.
  • In December 2019, Twitch streamer “Nagzz21” Bagels ended up filing a trademark application for the term “Malding” in the USA. He even purchased a web domain for $3,300. He then uploaded a video in which he let popular fellow Twitch streamer Rob “Roflgator” Malecki know that he had trademarked the word, followed by a free-style rap where he threatened Roflgator that he’d take his channel name next.
  • The term has been searched since 2004, and has been a part of popular dictionary website Urban Dictionary since 2011.
  • Followed by the term’s popularity, a Reddit user by the username “ganondorf69” posted an image of Forsen, and asked the users to upvote it till it became a common search result for “Malding” or “Mald”.

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